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The EZ hanging color rack system, is a wire metal light weight hair color storage rack system which is used in hair salons to store their color in an orderly, cost effect, and efficient way. EVERY hair salon regardless of whether they are a full service salon or not, regardless of their place in the market, be high end or a smaller low cost salon, all need to have a specific hair salon equipment storage system for their hair color in order to function and operate in a successful manner. Converting your existing color room dispensary to a color bar, building out a new color room or replacing an old tube storage organizing rack shelving system? Here is your answer to a clean and high end presentation for all of your hair color storage needs.

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These color racks work very efficiently in that they are able to hold a number of boxes of color of the same shade in an even row and the arm at the arm at the bottom of the row hold a partially rolled tube of the same shade. These features aid in keeping the color storage area neat, less wasteful, and much easier to track inventory.

Gordon Cherice / P&G Professional Care

Great, the inventory control makes mixing color and enjoyable experience. It’s so easy to pick the colors that I need. No more anxiety over having too much or two little inventory, the colors are in front of you at a glance you can order with ease. I love it and could never go back.?

Sue Bishop / Pneumaticity