Are Beauty Salon Interior Designs and Architecture Impacting Business Growth?

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When people visit a beauty salon, they want to leave the place transformed. Of course, your salon services will help in the process, but you can also uplift the mood of your customers by changing the environment of your beauty salon. Even small changes in salon interior design and architecture can massively transform the look and feel of your establishment. Whether it is a new wallpaper/wall art, a fantastic salon color organizer, or any other aspect of your business, sprucing up just a little can make all the difference in client satisfaction. 

In this article, we’ll explain how architecture and interior design play an important role in increasing your salon business growth. We’ll also suggest ways to spruce up your salon with EZ Rack USA’s hair salon storage equipment. Want to know more about EZ Rack USA? Visit our website to find out. 

So, without further ado, let’s dive in. 

The importance of architecture and interior design 

Good interior design is crucial for the success of a business. Most successful salons understand that it is important to prioritize interior design and architecture if they want to improve their odds of success. The interiors of your salon tell the unique story of your business – where it comes from and where it is going. Designing your interiors is not just about improving aesthetics but about adding real value to your organization. It gives you an opportunity to increase your brand awareness. When your customers visit a refurbished salon, they will also speak more positively about their experience. 

There is a direct correlation between interior design and business performance. According to a report by the Design Council, companies that put greater emphasis on design are able to do much better than those that don’t. This report found that businesses that invested in interior design were able to outperform the FTSE 100 index by almost 200% over a 10-year period. If rapidly growing businesses are valuing interior design and architecture, then maybe you should too. 

Salon interior designing: Pointers from EZ Rack USA Hair Salon Storage Equipment  

It’s clear that designing your salon is important for the success of your business. Your establishment should be designed in a way that is functional, attractive, and fashionable at the same time. While incorporating any new design concepts, you should also look into the convenience of your staff and the comfort of your clients. For the effective arrangement of the salon’s interior space, start by dividing it into three main areas – 

  1. Entrance: The entrance comprises your cash desk, reception, and waiting area. It’s easy to pick up just any design you find to organize this area, but if you put a little thought into it, you’ll be able to change the way clients interact with your business. To upsell your customers, you can include some display shelves behind the cash desk to highlight your most popular products. The waiting room is also an important part of the entrance, as it gives the first impression of your hair salon. Make sure that there is comfortable seating and some design elements to keep the clients entertained as they wait.
  2. Work area: The work area of the salon can be divided into several sections depending on the types of services you offer. You could have a manicure chair, a hair wash/cut/styling section, and a separate cabin for facial skin treatments. So, how do you design these sections for greater functionality and better aesthetics? Let’s take a look at the hair wash/cut/styling work area.
    • Hair wash: In the hair wash area, make sure that the platform is raised to make it easier for the staff to work on clients’ hair. There should also be sufficient shelving and storage to organize the hair products. EZ Rack USA’s hair salon storage equipment can be excellent for organizing all your hair products in a neat and accessible way. 
    • Hair cut/styling: This is the area where your stylists will work their magic on clients’ hair. Special attention should be given when designing this section. Make sure to go for diffused lighting to avoid any unpleasant shadows in the area. Ideally, there should be as many mirrors as the styling chairs. Also, make sure that there is a salon color bar organizer for every seat. 
  1. Services: Every beauty salon should also have an area for washroom services and ancillary rooms. The size of this area can be determined by the estimated number of people that will be present in the salon at a time.

Benefits of having a well-designed beauty salon 

  • First impressions are key

    The first impression is the last impression. You must’ve heard this phrase often, and it rings true when it comes to your business too. When you open a new salon business, you would only have one chance to make it count. The interiors of your salon can make or break your business, so make sure that you invest in it wisely. 

  • Tell your clients who you are

    When a client walks into your salon, they should immediately get a sense of your business. Your interiors essentially reflect the type of experience you are going to offer them. Make sure that the interior design is done to reflect beauty, style, and functionality. It should be a space that customers want to return to. 

  • Comfort to the max

    By overhauling the interiors of your salon, you can add some functional elements to the space, like color organizers for salons, sufficient shelving for products, etc. Also, make sure to maximize the utilization of the space so that the clients and stylists can move around without bumping into one another. 

Wrapping up 

It’s true when they say that design is the true language of brand expression. The right interior design can reinforce the image of your salon’s brand and send a powerful message to your customers. With the tips provided in this article and a little help from EZ Rack USA, you can design your beauty salon to give the ultimate experience to your clients. We at EZ Rack USA are a full-service hair salon in, providing a wide range of quality hair salon storage equipment. Check out the salon color organizer and other hair equipment on our website. To know more, call us at +1 305-944-8865.